The Police – Message In A Bottle

per vedere testo clicca su continua Just a castaway An island lost at sea Another lonely day Noone here by me More loneliness Than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair I’ll send an SOS to the world I’ll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets … Continua a leggere

The police – Every breath you take

per visualizzare testo clicca su continua   Every breath you take Every move you make Every bond you break Every step you take I’ll be watching you. Every single day Every word you say Every game you play Every night you stay I’ll be watching you. Oh can’t you see You belong to me? How my poor heart aches with … Continua a leggere

Wham! – Careless Whisper

per visualizzare il testo clicca su continua… Time can never mend the careless whispers of a good friend To the heart and mind, ignorance is kind There’s no comfort in the truth Pain is all you find Should’ve known better I feel so unsure as I take you hand and lead you to the dance floor As the music dies, … Continua a leggere